Practical life

In a Montessori classroom you will see many activites that are everyday tasks. All activites are child sized to allow the mastering of these skills.

They are drawn again and again to window washing, scrubbing the table, sweeping, washing up, flower arranging and more.

When given a choice of toys or a practical activity, children tend to chose the latter.

We consider the classroom as belonging to the children. They are encouraged to care for their space and we will follow the childrens interests and prepare the enviroment accordingly.

Children of this age want to manipulate their enviroment and experiment with outcome. They are developing language, learning to concentrate for longer periods and are developing their bodies with both gross and fine motor skills.

‘Practical life learning’ provides a great opportunity to master these skills and children feel immense satistaction when given the freedom to self choose within this prepared environment.

Children first learn by imitating all that we do