Choose one of the best preschool's in Auckland for your child Riverhead Montessori

Riverhead Montessori is a preschool in Auckland for children aged 18 months to school age. Our team bring extensive experience and Montessori training to our children who come to us from all around the North West Auckland region and beyond.

The Ministry of Education has identified ours as a school of excellence, asking us to be a training school for other preschools. We have created “one of New Zealand’s most groundbreaking preschool education settings”* and are achieving new, exciting outcomes in early childhood learning. ‘Love for the child’ is at the core of Riverhead Montessori’s mission and vision and is our entire team’s focus for every child, every day in everything we do. *As recognised by the University of Auckland.

Finding the best preschool in Auckland for your child is about finding the right fit for their educational needs as well as their developing personality. At our preschool in Riverhead, we have a strong focus on the Montessori philosophy and a dedication to guiding and supporting children through some of the most important years of their lives. By cultivating freedom within safe boundaries, your little one can explore and develop to their full potential. This early learning centre environment is proven to foster engagement, positivity and social skills.

Nurturing, education and play are central to the Montessori way. Our educators make the most of their time with the children by turning every moment into an opportunity. From laying the foundations for academic learning, to creating a strong sense of self and genuine engagement with the world around them, so much is possible in the preschool years. We invite you to get to know the Riverhead Montessori experience by reading more online here.

Riverhead Montessori Preschool Learning Centre is located in beautiful leafy grounds on Riverhead Road, easily accessible from West Auckland and Auckland’s North Shore via State Highway 1, Upper Harbour Highway and North-Western Motorway.

To arrange a visit or discuss your child’s early learning needs, please contact us