Classrooms and Session times

Half day session:
18-36 months

9am – 12pm (Tui’s Nest only)
Full day available

Our half day sessions include a group sit down lunch in the classroom, with each child bringing their own lunch.  Parents are welcome to stay with their child as they transition from life at home to coming to Riverhead Montessori. 

Full day session:
Kea’s 3-5/6 yrs

9am – 3.30pm
(includes specialist teachers)

Our full day sessions provides a nap time for children who require this after lunch in our beautiful sleeping bedroom and lots of outdoor play and fun.

Before and after school care

8.00am – 4.30pm

For busy working parents the centre is open to receive Tui’s Nest and Whare Kea’s children before and after the school session.

Please talk with us to arrange times that are suitable for you.

Tui's Nest 18 - 36 months

This little classroom is for our beginning Montessorians aged from 18 months – 3 years.  We offer a gentle introduction to Montessori and have been independently identified by teacher assessors and training facilitators as one of the best preschools in NZ.  The University of Auckland has studied our curriculum and model to identify why and how our teachers have achieved the results attained, especially with some of our special needs children in Tui’s Nest.

Our Tui’s Nest Teachers delight in what they do every day and it shows in this special classroom where calm and fun co-exist harmoniously. Our Tui’s Nest teachers have been chosen for their strong specialist skills in working with this age group.  They will work closely with you to ensure the transition from home to preschool is a positive experience for both parent and child.

Whare Keas 3 - 5/6 years

Full day session: 9am – 3.30pm

Our full day sessions begin with our 3 hour work cycle which includes individual and group activities and one to one lessons from our teachers.  Each child brings their own lunch to eat with the whole class at the table at 12pm.  A nap time is offered for those children who need it.  We have specialist teachers in the afternoon programme Mandarin, Te Reo, Aerobics, Dance and Drama and Music which incorporates our RMLC Ukelele band. The afternoon brings a more relaxed time where children often revsit Montessori works or play in the outdoors, garden, make huts, climb trees or enjoy water play. The children often entertain us with spontaneous shows, music and dance performances or produce marvellous art creations.

The 3-6 programme follows the child’s individual developmental needs in a holistic manner; physical, emotional and academic.  The children work through practical life, sensorial, geography, the sciences, arts, language, literacy and numeracy. Grace and courtesy, care of self, others and the environment. We offer a full indoor/outdoor programme where children are free to follow their interests.

Our Whare Keas Teachers have been handpicked for their outstanding commitment and exceptional approach to early education along with their genuine ‘love for the child’.  They will work closely with you to ensure your child is thriving at Riverhead Montessori and become an important part of your child’s and your family’s life as they help to guide your precious little one towards life at Primary School.