Links & Networks

We are often asked questions about additional resources or websites that parents and family can go to for more information about Montessori and how to extend your child’s Montessori learnings at home.  Please find below a selection of what we think are the BEST resources available out there for parents and families:

In addition to the above sites, we often upload articles and links to our Facebook page, including this fabulous article by Angeline Lilliard about the concept of playful learning.  We also really love the Confessions of a Montessori Mom blog.  Check it out here.

We are very proud at Riverhead Montessori not only of our children, but also their parents and whanau.  They really are a talented bunch!

Beautiful friendships have been made amongst our parents and incredible networks have formed for parental support, playdates and more! Many of our families are self-employed,  so please find below a network of Riverhead Montessori parent and family businesses and links that might be of interest!

If you have a business or service that you would like us to add to our network, please email