Riverhead Montessori West Auckland

Looking for the ideal childcare facility for your little one? With so many different early learning centre styles and methodologies out there, it can be difficult to choose the one that’s right for your child. It’s just as important as choosing their first school, if not more so. After all, you’re not just looking for someone who can keep them safe; you’re looking for a dedicated professional team who can nurture them to the highest possible standards. A team who can make a positive difference to your child during the critical early years.

That’s the Riverhead Montessori difference: a total commitment to ‘love for the child’.

The Montessori philosophy

We believe in making the most of your child’s time with us, and giving them the individual attention they deserve. Pioneering Montessori in West Auckland, we are leading the way in designing and facilitating an environment which facilitates development of their personal, social and educational skills. Classroom sessions are structured and results-focused, so you’ll be able to see the difference by the time your child graduates.

All of our preschool educators are specially trained in Montessori education, and have been hand-picked for their performance excellence and commitment to our vision and mission. Visit our About page to meet the team.

A beautiful place for your child to learn and grow

Riverhead Montessori Preschool is located in the West Auckland suburb of Riverhead, just half an hour from the centre of the city. Known for its beautiful vineyards and pine plantation forest, it’s the ideal location for an early learning centre. In keeping with our ‘play, educate, nurture’ focus, there are plenty of outdoor experiences for your child to enjoy. View our Gallery and Play pages to see more.

To arrange a site visit or to find out more, call (09) 412 7171.