Parent testimonials

Our parents and whanau regularly give us the most insightful and amazing feedback, which not only makes our day, but also encourages and assures us that we’re doing the absolute best for the children entrusted to our care.  We work hard to foster a really open, honest dialogue with parents and families at Riverhead Montessori to ensure we can consistently deliver the very best education and care to all of our children.  Please see below a few examples of what parents have to say about Riverhead Montessori.

Riverhead Montessori has been a big part of our kids lives for a few years now. As a worried mother with 2 sensitive girls it’s a huge leap in faith when you choose a centre.  I chose Riverhead Montessori after one of my very “keen” American friends visited ALL the Montessori preschools in Auckland and found this to be the best one for her girls. We arranged a visit to do our own research, were pleasantly surprised and immediately felt settled.  A huge outdoor space, interesting materials. amazing staff connecting at the level of the kids – we thought ​it was a winning combo.  The teachers are always keen to help, keen to give feedback and most important of all​ they are so loving.

At one point in my youngest daughter’s “sensitive period” (one of many!!) she had “cuddle times” scheduled specifically ​with the intent of getting her through this period. I also remember being so shocked that my 2 year old did baking from scratch on a regular basis.  Soon she didn’t need any help (talk about individualised learning!!)  My nephew who ​has struggled in 2 very reputable Montessori preschools is now thriving ​at Riverhead Montessori.  Our family have trust in Kelli’s vision ​of creating a wonderful space of learning and connecti​on​ for the kids.  We have so much gratitude for the love and care ​that ​our kids and all the kids at Riverhead are receiving​.


Originally I looked at Riverhead Montessori because the location was perfect for my route to work and I knew of friends who had been really impressed when sending thier children there. My nearly 3 year old has loved Whare Keas from the second she stepped in there & on the days she does not go, asks to! My 18 month old has found it really hard to transition into staying somewhere new but the staff have been amazing, I have felt so supported in helping him to settle in to Tui’s Nest, he is making improvement all the time which is all down to their patience and expertise. Because of the warm welcoming staff I have felt 110% confident in leaving my children in their care. I have also been particularly impressed with the resources and outdoor area. I know I have chosen the right place for my children and look forward to both of them attending Riverhead Montessori until their schooling years.

Nikki Hill

My son Eli has been attending Riverhead Montessori for the past 2 ½ years. Over that time his knowledge & understanding have expanded beyond my expectations, due to their structured learning environment and caring approach. With their support and encouragement, Eli has become a capable, independent child, who will easily make the transition to school when the time arrives.

I cannot praise the staff highly enough – they are fantastic and treat all the children with love and respect. They have also been an enormous support to me, always willing to offer great advice when I’m unsure of something.

I highly recommend Riverhead Montessori to parents looking for a nurturing environment for their child, where they will be happy & are able to develop their learning potential every day.

Ashley Brett